Our Puppies


It all starts here . . . .

Whelping house

Puppy House . . . Our puppy house provides a safe and secure home for our mamas and their litters


Mama dogs . . . need lots of rest, fresh air and exercise


A peek inside . . . just a week before the big day.


The BIG day!


Mothers are so important . . . so we weigh each puppy every day to be certain everyone is doing well.


Everyone needs lots to eat . . . and lots of sleep.

first toys.jpg

It’s time to play. Our eyes are open and our bodies are learning to work.

first food.jpg

Taking the burden off Mom.

Outside playing.jpg

Once we are big enough we can go outside to play.

Outside eating.jpg

We can eat outside too!


But the most fun is deciding what to play with.

Then the people-fun begins and it’s time for socializing before we go home.